Steve Allwine

Marketing & IT Director

Before starting at Johnson Braund in 2006, Steve began his career as a TV radio and television producer. His work has been featured on both CNN and NBC news. His background also includes a two year degree in radio broadcasting, a pair of bachelor degrees in the areas of film and journalism, a minor in business administration and a masters degree in infrastructure planning and management from the University of Washington. He is currently going to school at night, working on his 5th college degree, in architecture. A man of many talents, he also has certifications in welding, automotive electrical systems, business administration, solar panel installation, solar thermal design, IR building inspections and has been recognized by the EPA and Urban Green Council for his work in green building design.

Fun Fact: Steve is also a certified Assistant SCUBA diving instructor, a licensed ship’s Captain, and active on the boards of several Seattle area non-profit organizations and charities.