Greg Allwine

It all started in the spring of 1970 in my freshman year of college, when I realized I really didn’t want to become an attorney, but either a structural engineer or an Architect. Unfortunately WSU did not have an architectural engineering degree, so I chose architecture. My first job in the profession was for a firm in Long Beach, CA working on hospitals. Gaining that experience, help me decide that I never wanted to work ever to design hospitals. It was just too boring and not very creative. Moving back to the Seattle area, I started working for a civil engineer named Larry Braund. Within 6 months, the civil engineering firm became an A/E firm with Tom Johnson as the registered architect and the rest is history. After 40 years with the same firm, I still absolutely love what I do and the type of projects we design!  

Fun Fact: When I worked in Long Beach, CA, across the alley from our office was another architectural firm named Coppedge & Balance. Five years after leaving Long Beach to return to Seattle, a young lady with the same last name came to work for us. We married two years later. Her father owned the firm that was located across the alley.  What a small world.