Diana keys

Diana is not only Johnson Braund's Vice-President, but also our Director of Housing. Her interest in architecture began in high school as a combination of her two strengths in creative problem solving: art and mathematics. The summer after graduation she landed her first job in the field, interning at, the then named firm, Johnson Braund Design Group, Inc. This opportunity cemented her interest in the profession and led to continued work experience through her studies at the University of Washington. Diana received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and her Master of Architecture with a Certificate Degree in Historic Preservation.

Diana rejoined Johnson Braund, Inc. in 1996 and has been the lead designer and project manager of housing projects over the last 20+ years with the firm. In 2012, Diana was promoted to Director of Housing and in 2016 she joined Greg & Jeff as a Principal.

Her design experience and passion for housing ranges the gamut; from custom single-family homes to complex multi-family, mixed-use projects and community master planning for both market rate and affordable projects. Diana has a talent for creating well-designed, livable and efficient site, building and unit plans.

Diana is actively involved in all project phases from feasibility, design, client & consultant team coordination, project management, documentation and construction administration. She has a strong working knowledge and understanding of the building and accessibility codes and is passionate about mentoring others.

Outside of work, Diana enjoys searching for real estate finds, building sweat equity in her own projects, gardening, beachcombing, kayaking and spending time with her husband and two pups.

Fun Fact: Diana met her high school sweetheart and future husband amid a crowd of thousands in the Kingdome while attending the 1982 Grand Slam Summer Jam rock festival featuring: Bryan Adams, Joan Jett, Loverboy, Foreigner and Blue Oyster Cult…gotta love 80’s rock!