Benjamen was born and raised in Plattsburgh, a small town in upstate New York. Most his life he grew up obsessed with Dinosaurs and originally wanted to be an Archaeologist. Freshman year of high school rolled around and  he took a technology elective where the final project ended up being designing and modeling a small home and from then on he pursued Architecture. The time for college came around and he ended up in New York City at New York Institute of Technology where he got his architecture degree. After graduating he joined  a small Architecture firm that focused on sustainability and Passive House architecture. He ended up being a jack of all trades working there, not only was he drafting architecture drawings but now also learning and drafting sustainability, plumbing and mechanical drawings as well. Six years in the Big Apple and two years of Sustainable Design later he decided it was time for the next chapter and to find a place he truly wanted to possibly settle down in. A long elimination process, many recommendations and a 1000 miles later he now resides in Nashville, Tennessee and works at Johnson Braund Inc.

 In his spare time Benjamen loves to be outdoors. Whether its getting lost in the woods, jumping off a cliff(into water of course) or just playing some sports he’s always up for some fun outdoors.

 Fun Fact: Benjamen truly believes he’s a great athlete, his main sport that he enjoys is Basketball. After a lot of practice and a lot of blood, sweat and tears he now has a vertical jump somewhere between 30-36” and on a good day can dunk a basketball even though he’s only 5’-11”.